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Financial organization

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The revenues of the National School of Finance consist of ordinary income and extraordinary income.

Ordinary revenue include:

  • Grants from the State.
  • Revenue from the business school.

Extraordinary receipts include:

  • Donations made ​​to the school and whose acceptance is subject, in all cases, the prior authorization of the Minister of Finance
  • Other revenue to be allocated to the school under a statute orstatutory instrument.

The expenditure of the national school finance expenditures consist of ordinary and extraordinary expenses.

Ordinary expenses include:

  • Annual expenditure on education and permanant on the administrative functioning of the National School of Finance

Extraordinary expenses include:

  • Provisional and exceptional expenses of the National School of Finance.

The Director General of the National School of Finance sets the annual budget of the school after consulting the advisory committee.It is the budget officer of the National School of Finance.

The financial and accounting operations inherent in theimplementation of the budget of the school are made by a public accountant appointed by the Minister of Finance.